Waves of Change brings together animation, anthropology and climate science to work with children & young people in different parts of the world: coastal Cornwall, the Amazon rainforest, and urban Bristol. 

I lead animation workshops to make films and use storytelling to imagine positive futures and work collaboratively to spread a sense of hope.

Waves of Change is based at the Univerity of Bristol and is funded by the AHRC,The British Academy, the Cabot Institute for the Environment, NERC and Research England.

To find out more check out our website: www.wavesofchange.org.uk




This film reflects on the positive effects of writing and publishing on life in and beyond prison. As their poetry shows, creative expression gives people a highly personal means to tell their own stories, construct new senses of self, and leave a legacy that speaks across walls and borders.

The film comes out of a collaborative action research project led by Dr Lucy Bell and Dr Joey Whitfied (Cardiff University), entitled Prisoner Publishing, which supports grassroots organizations in Mexico with long traditions of working with prisoners and marginalised people, and brings Latin American community practices like cardboard (“cartonera”) publishing to UK prisons for the first time. Produced by Calling the Shots and avaiable on BBC iPlayer as a part of Animated Thinking series.